Interlude - Fairhaven

Before leaving the platform the PCs are thanked by the elderly nobleman whom they discover is Duke Herschem and Dutchess Flerentia ir’Wynarn ,the great uncle and aunt to the Queen of Aundair.

In the streets of Fairhaven they encounter a crowd gathered around a unkempt self-proclaimed prophet of the Silver Flame denouncing lycanthropes and calling for another Purge. The crowd is riled up and threatens a passing shifter woman and her young children. the PC and royal guard both spring to action protect the innocents and break up the mob, the guard arrest the madman and take him away. The PCs are told by the Guard Captain that anti-Silver Flame majorities in Aundair have driven those few adherents to the faith of the Silver Flame into fanaticism. in the confusion Eve slips away to report to her superiors.

Before reaching the royal guard garrison the the PCs are diverted to the Tower of Eyes, headquarters for Royal Eyes and office of the spy master Thuel Racannoch. There in his office they are reunited with Eve who is reviled as channgleing spy for Royal Eyes. After being debriefed the spy master offers the PCs a chance to further gain favor with the Royal Eyes by investigating some mysterious disappearances in recent weeks down by the river docks.

Leaving the Spy Master office for some much needed rest the PCs are diverted yet again to offices of the First Warlord, Prince Adal, the Queen’s brother. Here they are interrogated yet again, asked if Kellan gave up any information about his employer before being defeated. Prince did authorize a reward for the party’s service to the crown in thwarting the theft of the mithral.

After the interview with the First Warlord Keylth requests an audience with the Queens consort and her uncle Sasik d’Vadalis. On the way there the Melgar encounters the Countness Tesyn ir’Lantar and her son. He identifies them as the noblemen responsible for the slaughter of his adoptive wolven family, Barely able to restrain his anger he is pleased to have at last put a name to the foul murderers of his pack.

In her interview with her Uncle, Keylth and her companions are invited to the rest of the royal family at informal dinner that evening. She also learns that uncle hope she will do great favor for him and journey to the Shadow Marches to discover the fate of one Doria Veledaar, and old war buddy of his.

That evening the PCs dine with the Royal family and make quite an impression on it’s younger members with a recount of the adventures on the trip to Fairhaven. They retire for much needed rest.

That evening Aiden ventures down to the docks to find out out what he can about the disappearances, He discovers that the majority of the victims were taken in the night from their beds and that a great deal of slime and water was left behind indicating a possible beast of aquatic origin.

Runaway Rail - Part Two

The PCs now move towards the front of the rail reinforced with dwarven guards from House Kundrak who they rescued along with the mithral ingots.

In the first class cars they encounter and defeat changeling twins and their shifter associate while also affecting the rescue of an elderly nobleman and his wife.

In the showdown between Kellan and the PCs for control of the Lighting Rail’s bound elemental the PCs force Kellan to surrender and stop the car in Fairhaven as scheduled. They learn from him that he is merely a mercenary hired by a mysterious patron to steal the train and deliver it to a pre-arranged spot.

They are greeted and hailed as heroes by the passengers in Fairhaven where they are met by contingent of royal guard there to take possession of the mithral shipment. They are asked to accompany the guard to report their adventure in person to the captain’s immediate superiors.

Runaway Rail - Part One

The PCs are assigned the same standard passenger compartment on the lighting rail run from Passage to Fairhaven.

After introductions the part adjourns to the dining car for supper where they discover the food is drugged. All but Eve succumb to the drugged food and are tied up in a compartment bunk. Eve using her skills as an agent of the Aundairian Royal Eyes and spies on the rail hijackers. She learns of the gangs leader Kellan and his plot to steal the rail and rush right by the scheduled stop in Fairhaven.

Eve releases her companions once the drugs where off and they proceed to stop the the gangs thievery. They eventually make it to the back of the train where they discover the last car loaded down with a fortune in mithral ingots destined for the the armories of the Aundairian Royal Guard.


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