Eberron Calendar


Zarantyr (January)
Olarune (Feb)
Therendor (Mar)
Eyre (April)
Dravago (May)
Nymm (June)
Lharvion (July)
Barrakas (Aug)
Rhaan (Sept)
Sypheros (Oct)
Aryth (Nov)
Vult (Dec)
Crya – The Blood of Vol’s 13th Month, as they still use the oldest active calendar used on Eberron, the Qabalrin Wheel, which was developed when there was still a 13th moon in the sky.


There are 4 weeks of 7 days each in a month, for a total of 28 days. The days are as follows;
Sul (Sunday)
Mol (Monday)
Zol (Tuesday)
Wir (Wednesday)
Zor (Thursday)
Far (Friday)
Sar (Saturday)

Special Dates

Holy Days

9 Olarune – Crystalfall – Celebration/Contest in Sharn
20 Olarune – The Day of Mourning – Anniversary
15 Therendor – Sun’s Blessing – Holy Day
26 Dravago – Aureon’s Crown – Holy Day
12 Nymm – Brightblade – Holy Day
23 Lharvion – The Race of Eight Winds – Sporting Event in Sharn
4 Barrakas – The Hunt – Holy Day
25 Barrakas – Fathen’s Fall – Holy Day
9 Rhaan – Boldrei’s Feast – Holy Day
18-19 Sypheros – Wildnight – Holy Night
11 Aryth – Thronehold – Anniversary
26-28 Vult – Long Shadows – Holy Festival
13 Crya – Revelations Day – Holy Day for Blood of Vol (day changes every year due to their 13 month calendar)

Secular Festivals

The Tain Gala (first Far of each month) – Sharn

Sporting Events

Six Stones

Draconic Constellations (Gods of the Dragons)

Constellation – Draconic Association
Aasterinian – Invention and trade
Astilabor – Wealth
Bahamut – Protection and good fortune
Chronepsis – Fate and prophecy
Falazure – Death and decay
Garyx – Chaos and destruction
Hlal – Humor
Io – Magic and knowledge
Lendys – Justice and law
Tamara – Life
Tiamat – Greed and power

Eberron Calendar

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